device issues with 'hald'

spir denis.spir at
Fri Nov 20 07:05:30 GMT 2009

Duncan <1i5t5.duncan at> wrote:

> >> Now, when I start it as user "spir", is it supposed to do
> >> the job as well for other progs that need it (eg device notifier), or
> >> will it be useful only when started as system service (under fake user
> >> "haldaemon")? Note that yesterday I started it as well, and it didn't
> >> solve the issue. If needed, how can I run it as system service?  
> As long as it's running as the haldaemon user, it should be fine.  It 
> appears it might be installed setuid haldaemon, thus explaining why it 
> ran as haldaemon even when you ran it as your normal user.

good to know

> Why when you ran it yesterday it didn't work right, and today it seems 
> to... I have no explanation (maybe another fluke? =:^).  Perhaps it's 
> whatever distribution or whatever bug is causing it not to start by 
> default, as I'd assume it would on a distribution targeted at the kde 
> desktop.

to fluke or not...
Now, hald works fine "spontaneously" (appears under "haldaemon" in sys onitor), lshal lists, devices are taken into account (except for side issues discussed in // thread).

> > It is started through a run level script like any other system service
> > (or whatever startup system you distribution happens to use).
> > 
> > Check with your distributor for troubleshooting part of their setup
> > responsibilities.  
> Exactly.  Only someone reasonably familiar with *buntu is going to be 
> able to help you (spir) there, at least without having to learn how their 
> init process works in ordered to do it.  Of course, one could use this as 
> an opportunity to name-call on *buntu, if desired, but every distribution 
> has their bugs at times, and doing so won't help get the problem fixed 
> regardless of the truth or lack thereof of the accusations, so that's not 
> a particularly wise thing to do.

Well, having been a maintenance guy in one of my previous lives, I konw how misleading "evidence" can be!

Thanks for your help; I guess we cannot go on this thread usefully unless new clues come up about "flukeness".

(But I would still like to learn more about
* how to let audio CD content be listed in file browser
* why vfat memory stick cannot be browsed
as discussed in parallel thread.)


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