device issues with 'hald'

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Thu Nov 19 22:14:19 GMT 2009

Kevin Krammer posted on Thu, 19 Nov 2009 22:42:29 +0100 as excerpted:

> On Thursday, 2009-11-19, spir wrote:
>> Fortunately now we have wiktionary, for even my dictionary didn't know
>> "fluke" ;-)

You got /me/ wondering what it says, and if the use I'd "inherited"
(I /suppose/ I got it from my folks' usage) was indeed correct, so I 
looked it up too.  It seems I can rest easy, my usage /was/ correct. =:^)

>> Now, when I start it as user "spir", is it supposed to do
>> the job as well for other progs that need it (eg device notifier), or
>> will it be useful only when started as system service (under fake user
>> "haldaemon")? Note that yesterday I started it as well, and it didn't
>> solve the issue. If needed, how can I run it as system service?

As long as it's running as the haldaemon user, it should be fine.  It 
appears it might be installed setuid haldaemon, thus explaining why it 
ran as haldaemon even when you ran it as your normal user.

Why when you ran it yesterday it didn't work right, and today it seems 
to... I have no explanation (maybe another fluke? =:^).  Perhaps it's 
whatever distribution or whatever bug is causing it not to start by 
default, as I'd assume it would on a distribution targeted at the kde 

> It is started through a run level script like any other system service
> (or whatever startup system you distribution happens to use).
> Check with your distributor for troubleshooting part of their setup
> responsibilities.

Exactly.  Only someone reasonably familiar with *buntu is going to be 
able to help you (spir) there, at least without having to learn how their 
init process works in ordered to do it.  Of course, one could use this as 
an opportunity to name-call on *buntu, if desired, but every distribution 
has their bugs at times, and doing so won't help get the problem fixed 
regardless of the truth or lack thereof of the accusations, so that's not 
a particularly wise thing to do.

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