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Martin (KDE) kde at
Thu Nov 19 18:45:25 GMT 2009

Am Donnerstag, 19. November 2009 schrieb spir:
> Hello,
> Tried to correctly use k3b for cd ripping, but had some problems --
>  se below.
> Looked for alternatives in kde, found mentions of kaudiocd (not
>  quite sure of the name, now), but couldn't find it anywhere --
>  except for sources. I could certainly compile and install it, but
>  then don't know how to let the overall environment be aware of it.
>  (read: integration inside kde)

kaudiocd is a kind of plugin for Konqueror (and others of course). As 
alternative yu can try audex. Simply for ripping. I generates folders, 
You can edit CDDB data and you have profiles to use different 


> Else k3b and ripping seems full of issues, unless i don't proceed
>  correctly:
> * Couldn't find settings for ripping in "configure k3b (eg: where
>  to save result by default, filename format, ogg quality)
> * k3b does not seem to record actual settings entered -- have to
>  reenter everything for each new cd.
> * k3b crashes when trying to rip a cd with additional data (eg
>  executable menu or bonuses) [note: I tried to sent a bug report,
>  but the traceback was pointed as "useless". Read everything about
>  useful bug report, but info did not apply (there was no ?? in
>  traceback, k3b has no -dbg package, so what was wrong?).]
> * Found no way to let k3b create and/or write to /artist/album
>  folder directly. All has to be done by hand (like in the XXth
>  century -- remember? ;-).
> Well, nothing here really terrible -- but I have ~ 100 cds to
>  record... help gratefully welcome. In the meanwhile, i'll explore
>  wikpedia/cd ripper for alternatives.
> Thank you,
> Denis
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