kget not visible an konqueror won't download

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Tue Nov 17 22:30:18 GMT 2009

Rick Miles posted on Wed, 18 Nov 2009 08:33:25 +1100 as excerpted:

> Probably just as well. I have it sort of working this morning and find
> that some bright spark has decided that there will be an undeletable
> group named "My Downloads" in kget with a sweet little heart for an
> icon. I can change the icon well enough but always found the "My this"
> and "My that" in Microsoft a bit silly if not downright presumptuous and
> patronising.

You and me both!  I hated those "My *" things, and still do!  At least on 
*ix it's generally possible to kill 'em when someone decides they want 
'em in their app, but it sounds like that might not be the case without 
resorting to source patching in this case.  I'd certainly file a bug 
asking for it to be configurable/deletable... but after a second search 
thru the settings to be sure I wasn't missing one somewhere, just in case.

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