kget not visible an konqueror won't download

Rick Miles frmrick at
Tue Nov 17 21:33:25 GMT 2009

On Tuesday 17 November 2009 10:23:56 pm Duncan wrote:
> Rick Miles posted on Tue, 17 Nov 2009 16:56:54 +1100 as excerpted:
> But there's also the possibility that the problem is in a library,
> perhaps loaded by several apps, or in the kded config infrastructure, and
> of course the easiest way to solve that, that is, to unload everything
> using that library, barring more information (like knowing which library,
> and what might load it) about the specifics, is to restart kde or even
> the entire computer.
I had kget working just fine this AM but there still seems to be a problem with 
handling the extension .txz. The extension is correctly listed in file 
associations as a compressed file but konqueror sees it as a text file. Maybe it 
is being overintuitive and thinks its a .txt file spelled incorrectly. Kget will 
go though the motions of preparing to download but leaves the ,txz download as 
"stopped" and it has to be started to complete. Since I had no way of opening kget 
yesterday that was impossible so I ended up with multiple hidden instances of 

Probably just as well. I have it sort of working this morning and find that some 
bright spark has decided that there will be an undeletable group named "My 
Downloads" in kget with a sweet little heart for an icon. I can change the icon 
well enough but always found the "My this" and "My that" in Microsoft a bit silly 
if not downright presumptuous and patronising.

I'll upgrade soon to kde-3.3.3 from slackware current and perhaps things will look 
a bit better
> > BTW Any idea about how to turn on the file information popups so that it
> > appears when I mouseover a file in kde-4.3.2 .  I know much less about
> > kde4 and that functionality seems to have been lost in my recent upgrade
> > from kde-4.2.4
> Tooltips.  There's various places to turn them on for different apps,
> etc.  Perhaps what you're looking for is in dolphin's prefs, general
> section, behavior tab, second from the bottom option (in 4.3.3), show
> tooltips.
I have found it in konqueror albeit I believe in kde-4.2.something it was found 
somewhere in the sytem settings. Dunno anymore.....................

Rick Miles

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