kget not visible an konqueror won't download

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Tue Nov 17 11:23:56 GMT 2009

Rick Miles posted on Tue, 17 Nov 2009 16:56:54 +1100 as excerpted:

>> If that doesn't work, there's deeper issues.  Someone who knew what
>> they were doing and was on-site so could actually see what was running,
>> etc, could likely fix it without a reboot, but lacking that, a reboot
>> /should/ fix it.
> After 8 years with linux, 7 of them on Slackware, I'd better give up if
> I still require  "someone who new what they were doing"  for something
> like that ;^)
> root at rick:~$ kill `ps -A | grep kget | awk -F " " '{ print $1 }'`
> ..... and that will work for multiple instances

LOL.  What I was getting at, tho, was that I didn't know if it was 
running as kget or as, perhaps kdeinit kget or something similar, but 
your grep would take care of that, as long as kget was in the name.  But 
that's why I mentioned "could actually see what was running".

But there's also the possibility that the problem is in a library, 
perhaps loaded by several apps, or in the kded config infrastructure, and 
of course the easiest way to solve that, that is, to unload everything 
using that library, barring more information (like knowing which library, 
and what might load it) about the specifics, is to restart kde or even 
the entire computer.

> BTW Any idea about how to turn on the file information popups so that it
> appears when I mouseover a file in kde-4.3.2 .  I know much less about
> kde4 and that functionality seems to have been lost in my recent upgrade
> from kde-4.2.4

Tooltips.  There's various places to turn them on for different apps, 
etc.  Perhaps what you're looking for is in dolphin's prefs, general 
section, behavior tab, second from the bottom option (in 4.3.3), show 

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