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Recently switched to kde on ubuntu 9.04, mainly because I also intend to switch to PCBSD in a short while. I'm happy with it, so, huge thanks to all the people involved in this huge project for so long.

Here are some kde newbie questions anyway:

1. help
The help system does not match at all what I actually find in kde. Probably outdated? Can someone confirm? Switched to english, same issue.

2. language
After switching to english in system settings, and rebooting, many things still appear in precious language (fr); and some texts bits suddenly are in catalan and even a few in german, too;-) (eg in kate).
This actually shows how incredibly smart kde design is, for these languages are precisely the ones I can understand at best! I really wonder about the AI algorithm behind such successful guesses.

3. kickoff modif + size
Is it possible to modify kickoff from inside (eg renaming or moving an entry)? Right click brings nothing. Is it possible to let kickoff "remember" its size (so that favorites and main app menus are all visible)? presently, it resizes automatically to ~ half screen hight.

4. kickoff config save/restore
These a strange and very naughty bug (on my system) in kickoff config utility: restoring previous state after an error actually resets the original default menu (even if saved 10 times in between). So that all changes from installation are lost & have to be remade from scratch. Very bad --it's a penible job.
(Don't reply it's a "feature", or I will myself reply you speak like... ;-)
(By the way, I couldn't apply to kde's bug tracker. Tried twice, but never got to enter a password, nore received any by mail.)
So, can somenone tell me where the config is saved (there is no possibility to define it, the save button does not pop any menu), so that I have a chance to backup my config. I intend to copy-save the default one for if ever, and replace it by my own settings.

5. amarok messes up files & folders
When trying to play an album, another one is played instead. Feedback text shows the name of the album/folder I asked for, and the title of the song/file actually played.
Minirok never plays the album I ask for, instead always the first songs of my collection, in alphabetic order.

6. place icons on control panels
Is it possible to drag/place icons on a control panel? How can one chose the place of or move icons once they are there (eg sent from kickoff)? Is there a control panel layout utility? Tried all what I could imagine without any success.

7. ATI Radeon
Intended to activate the proprietary driver for my ATI radeon video card, but the setup menu does not show any. Is it now automatic? Or is there now a free driver for it? There used to be an entry in previous versions of ubuntu.

8. num lock
... is again lost at startup (while properly set in BIOS). Had the same issue is several ubuntu versions some time ago, then worked fine with 9.04. Couldn't find any setting for that in kde.

9. power off
Clicking on any "switch off" icon, or activating it from  menu, actually switches off the computer at once without popping any choice (restart, etc...), while settings seem ok as far as I understand the doc (checked both "confirm..." and "options").
Also, this action sometimes freezes the system, need to to brutally hardware-power off.

10. "activate by simple click"
Sorry for the trivial issue: cannot find this setting in kde.

11. docs do not appear on the desktop -- mounting issue
Docs I save on the desktop never appear there. Have to find them through Dolphin.
Also, about dolphin, external devices randomly show or not, sometimes like if empty or with their actual content. Do you have any hint about this behaviour (really annoying when producing or restoring backup? I have to try several times, especially with CDs.)

12. help search
Does not even try to work (button is "drabbed").

13. save whole config
Is there a way to save the whole kde config, so that I can restore it all after a total system installation (because my filesystem is now a real mess and I haven't enough space (*) where needed -- either I will reinstall kubuntu from scratch or move to PCBSD).

Thank you for your patience,

(*) Trying to update to kubuntu 9.10 failed after about half an hour with "not enough space free" (why isn't free space checked from start?). I have ~ 3GB free in /, which is far enough, I guess. Do you have any idea? Didn't try again until ow because of the waiting time.

* la vita e estrany *

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