Sound problems

paulo paulo.jnkml at
Sun Nov 15 04:13:06 GMT 2009

Hi again,

since a few months ago, I was having some problems with amarok, mplayer 
and firefox working together, playing sound on flash videos etc.

today I uninstalled pulseaudio, selected alsa as the default device 
output in the system settings, and recompiled kmix and mplayer to work 
without pulse audio (nothing needs to be done to amarok).

Now everything works perfectly!


On 11/15/2009 03:13 AM, paulo wrote:
> Hi,
> when using amarok, I can't mplayer outputs no sound.
> Diconecting amarok, running mplayer before amarok reverses that 
> situation => mplayer -> plays, amarok -> no sound.
> Apparently they are both trying to access /dev/dsp at the same time...
> Anyone having this problem?
> Thank you
> cheers,
> Paulo

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