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Wed Nov 4 00:57:09 GMT 2009

Rick Miles posted on Wed, 04 Nov 2009 08:17:48 +1100 as excerpted:

> I had to put xp on my daughter's machine due to school requirements and
> my wife wanting to use windows live,

Everyone makes their own decisions, of course, but... I'd be explaining 
that I couldn't use servantware for legal reasons (I can't agree to the 
EULAs), and it'd either have to work with Linux, or I'd be looking 
elsewhere for school.  Running MS is simply not a legal option for me.  
The only other alternative would be if /they/ could supply me whatever 
computers, etc, to work with, that I wasn't responsible for (at that 
level) and thus didn't have to worry about the EULA or the damage waivers 
for.  If someone else signs away their rights and lets me work on their 
system, that's rather different than me signing away my rights on my own 
system, something I cannot and will not do.  That's how I can continue to 
work on friend's systems and etc, and work systems if it came to it. 
(Fortunately my current employer runs Novel Desktop Linux, tho of course 
with their agreement with MS, that has its own issues, but again, that's 
my employer taking responsibility not me, and I've never personally run 
Novel/SuSE, so I haven't had to take a personal position on that one.)

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