Moving printer configuration from KDE 3 to KDE 4.

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Tue May 5 21:35:44 BST 2009

Quoting Dotan Cohen <dotancohen at>:

> > Just out or curiosity, what is this exe file you refer to for? I delete
> mail
> > and in this case can not go back and check details.
> >
> I assume that it will configure Windows machines to find the printer
> on the network. I don't have a Windows machine to check. When the user
> configures the printer in the router's print server, the last step in
> the process is to download this EXE from the router and to run it on
> the windows machine.

OK so you are not sure what exactly the file does or what it is for other than
it is windows specific.

> > Is there no web interface? I only have experience with D-Link ADSL modems
> > which have web interfaces and but also run on busybox linux and can be
> > accessed using telnet and the IP for the dlink modem. I have been able to
> > set mine to static IP mode. ony 4 boxes here and no need for dhcp.
> There is a web interface for configuring the printer to talk with the
> print servers, however to configure Windows to know where the printer
> is one needs to run the EXE file.

So maybe all that .exe does is change some configurations on a windows box so
the user doesn't have to do it manually.

> In KDE 3.5.0 I could enter the IP address of the router as the address
> of the print server and the printer worked fine. Not so in KDE 4.2.2.

There was a utility in the Settungs menu category in kde3.5 that allowed you to
access the printers for configs and such. It was run with the command kcmshell
printers. It does not exist in kde4. I am guessing it hasn't been ported to qt4
yet. In its place you have direct access to the CUPs interface from a menu

Kcmshell printer was just a pretty kde front end for interface to CUPs so if you
were configuring with that, and I'm thinking you were, than you need to
configure your cups interface on the client box to point to the print server.

This is done in a file called /etc/cups/client.conf and all you need in that
file is a line with the IP address of the print server, e.g.


That's all I need on my workstation to find the printserver.

Is it possible for you to identify the ip of your print server, edit your
client.conf accordingly, then restart cups on your client to see if the server
is now found?

If so then it is not specifically a kde problem other than there is no "kde" way
to set up the configuration and to my way of thinking it will be a matter of
either finding a way to give the d-link a fixed ip or else writing a script
that will identify the print server's ip each time the work station start and
edits the client.conf file befor cups starts up. Perhaps there is already a way
to do this. I'm sure you are not the first person with a print server on a dhcp
network that needs to ties the printserver to a post.

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