Moving printer configuration from KDE 3 to KDE 4.

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Wed May 6 09:02:46 BST 2009

> OK so you are not sure what exactly the file does or what it is for other than
> it is windows specific.

I assume that all EXE files are Windows specific, yes.

> So maybe all that .exe does is change some configurations on a windows box so
> the user doesn't have to do it manually.

That is what I assume as well.

>> In KDE 3.5.0 I could enter the IP address of the router as the address
>> of the print server and the printer worked fine. Not so in KDE 4.2.2.
> There was a utility in the Settungs menu category in kde3.5 that allowed you to
> access the printers for configs and such. It was run with the command kcmshell
> printers. It does not exist in kde4. I am guessing it hasn't been ported to qt4
> yet. In its place you have direct access to the CUPs interface from a menu
> selection.
> Kcmshell printer was just a pretty kde front end for interface to CUPs so if you
> were configuring with that, and I'm thinking you were, than you need to
> configure your cups interface on the client box to point to the print server.

I now realize that this is in fact a CUPS issue and not a KDE issue.
As I was configuring in KDE, I did not realize the difference until
recently. Thanks.

> This is done in a file called /etc/cups/client.conf and all you need in that
> file is a line with the IP address of the print server, e.g.
>    ServerName
> That's all I need on my workstation to find the printserver.
> Is it possible for you to identify the ip of your print server, edit your
> client.conf accordingly, then restart cups on your client to see if the server
> is now found?

I will find out soon enough! I do have the files from my last install,
for which the printer worked fine. I will try to recover those files
and move them to my new KDE 4 based system. Thanks.

> If so then it is not specifically a kde problem other than there is no "kde" way
> to set up the configuration and to my way of thinking it will be a matter of
> either finding a way to give the d-link a fixed ip or else writing a script
> that will identify the print server's ip each time the work station start and
> edits the client.conf file befor cups starts up. Perhaps there is already a way
> to do this. I'm sure you are not the first person with a print server on a dhcp
> network that needs to ties the printserver to a post.

If I do not manage with this then I will take it to the CUPS support
channels. In any case I will report back here to help archive diggers
who may find themselves in a similar situation.


Dotan Cohen
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