Can't compile extragear/multimedia/k3b on Fedora 11

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sun Jun 21 18:50:36 BST 2009

Steven P. Ulrick wrote:
> Hello Everyone I am attempting to compile k3b from extragear.  First
> off, "extragear/multimedia/CMakeLists.txt" says the following:
>> if(KDEMULTIMEDIA_FOUND) macro_optional_add_subdirectory(k3b) 
>> macro_optional_add_subdirectory(kaudiocreator) 
> The output of "cmakekde" as ran from "extragear/multimedia" says the 
> following:
>> -- Could not find OPTIONAL package KdeMultimedia
> So, it would appear that that would be why k3b is not even building. 
> So the first question would be, why is "OPTIONAL package
> KdeMultimedia" not found, when I most definitely have kdemultimedia
> compiled and installed on the same path that extragear/multimedia is
> being installed in.
> If I run "cmakekde" directly from the k3b source directory, the
> result is as follows:
>> -- The following REQUIRED dependencies could NOT be found. 
>> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>  * KCddb  <> KCddb is used to retrieve
>> audio CD meta data from the internet.
> When I search for "KCddb" in the search box on the page that comes
> up, the following page comes up: 
> So, all of this kind of leads me nowhere.
> So, my question(s) would be: 1. Why is this "KdeMultimedia" not
> found, which results in "k3b" not building? 2. Where can this "KCddb"
> be found, since the link in the error message leads me to nothing
> useful?
Is there an INSTALL file in K3b?  This might provide some information on
the dependencies.

You can also try running:

	ccmake ..

from your build subdirectory.  You should then hit the <T> key to show 
all of the dependencies.  Look through the list to see what is missing.

There is a library: libkcddb.  Do you have it installed?  If you 
installed the binary (RPM), then you also need to install the 
'kdemultimedia-devel' package.

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch

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