Akonadi woes

Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. bss at iguanasuicide.net
Tue Jun 2 19:55:11 BST 2009

In <ea6cc0c70906020937q4c1af8d8y8e7ade5352372f97 at mail.gmail.com>, David A. 
Bandel wrote:
>I desperately need:
>1.  A way to turn OFF akonadi server for all users _without_ removing
>kdepim.  Removing akonadi wants to remove kdepim, but some teachers
>are using kdepim and want to continue.  Is there a master control?  I
>don't relish spending days logging into hundreds of students and
>teachers accounts to turn akonadi off.

kaddressbook, korganizer, and kpilot require akonadi-server to be installed.  
If you need any of these, you'll have to keep it installed (but hopefully, 
you'll be able to disable it, my advice doesn't directly address that).

Instead of installing the kdepim "metapackage", you could just install the 
packages it will pull in, without those 3 apps.  Mainly: akregator, kalarm, 
kandy, karm, kitchensync, kjots, kleopatra, kmail, kmailcvt, knode, knotes, 
kode, konsolekalendar, kontact, korn, ktnef, and networkstatus.  (Or just 
the ones you use.)

Even with all those installed, you should be able to avoid installing 
akonadi-server at all.

KDE packages are fairly fine grained on Debian; you should be able to pick 
and choose exactly what you need.  Use the curses interface of aptitude to 
determine exactly what Depends a meta-package has before installing it.

>2.  A way to remove all the My-not-really-SQL-SQL cruft (MySQL rant
>deleted).  KDE4 for some bizarre reason depends on MySQL.

akonadi-server Depends on mysql-server.  You can't remove mysql-server if 
akonadi-server is still installed.  If you can successfully remove akonadi-
server, you should be able to remove mysql-server -- no other package with 
"k" in the name Depends on it -- and all it's "cruft".

>(Ser ver runs Debian Squeeze).

My advice above is for Squeeze, it is almost certainly not applicable to 
non-Debian systems.  You may which to engage debian-kde at lists.debian.org 
and kde-linux at kde.org instead of this list; either of those are more 
tightly focused on your issue.

Both debian-kde and debian-user at lists.debian.org have had recent 
conversations about the "dependency" on MySQL; I haven't seen anyone that is 
particularly happy with it, but I also can't find anyone to either do or 
fund the work required to make Akonadi run on any other RDBMS (some would 
prefer no RBDMS) and still be easy to install for Debian desktop users.
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