Akonadi woes

David A. Bandel david.bandel at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 17:37:49 BST 2009


This has probably been hashed out any number of times, but I don't
have weeks to spend, I have a server that is being brought to its
knees thanks to KDE4.

I desperately need:
1.  A way to turn OFF akonadi server for all users _without_ removing
kdepim.  Removing akonadi wants to remove kdepim, but some teachers
are using kdepim and want to continue.  Is there a master control?  I
don't relish spending days logging into hundreds of students and
teachers accounts to turn akonadi off.

(I should probably say that I have a fairly powerful X server and a
lot of X terminals/thin clients -- the system usually ran between
0.1-0.2 load until KDE4 was introduced, and now the load with 20+
students logged in is over 50.0 and slow to do anything -- /home usage
also went from 20% to 92% overnight -- WTFO???).

2.  A way to remove all the My-not-really-SQL-SQL cruft (MySQL rant
deleted).  KDE4 for some bizarre reason depends on MySQL.  I run
PostgreSQL with a number of databases, and don't want the headache of
a non-ACID POS on the system.  Seems I can't remove this junk without
removing KDE4. (Ser ver runs Debian Squeeze).

Pointers to the correct FM to R appreciated -- Google was no help.

Or do I need to switch the school over to Gnome?


David A. Bandel
Focus on the dream, not the competition.
            - Nemesis Air Racing Team motto
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