Is there a way to get a kde3 color scheme into kde4?

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Wed Jul 15 23:33:34 BST 2009

James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>> Duncan wrote:
>>> I have a kde3 color scheme I'm very happy with after having fine tuned it 
>>> over the years.  Is there a way to get it into kde4?

Apparently Duncan nagged me at just the right time. Bug 157726 is now 

(Clarification on how this works... it's not a convertor; just click 
'import' in the kcm, and pick a KDE3 scheme. You will be warned that the 
result won't be perfect.)

>>> [...] I'd REALLY hate to have to hand retune it
>> Not likely to happen; KDE4 has quite a few more colors than KDE3. The 
>> chances you won't need to do tweaking are virtually nil (especially 
>> since, to import a KDE3 scheme, we would have to make wild guesses how 
>> to assign the colors that didn't exist in KDE3).
> Question: is the KDE3 color scheme schema a proper subset of the KDE4 
> color scheme schema.

No. There are several WM colors from KDE3 that did not make it to KDE4. 
These get dropped.

> If the proper subset relationship exists, then it should be possible to 
> either convert a KDE3 color scheme to a KDE4 color scheme or to modify 
> the code so that it will use a KDE3 scheme.  If not, IMHO, this would be 
>   a bug -- a design error.

It's possible, regardless, but you won't get a well-formed color scheme 
since there is no easy way to fill in the gaps. The current behavior is 
that it keeps whatever values the "gaps" had before you clicked 'import' 
(which would be whatever you would get if you hit 'apply' just before 

This is no more a "design error" than not being able to get full quality 
from resampling a 22kHz sound to 44kHz.

What you'll get is a scheme that works as long as you only ever user 
KDE3 color roles... no active/negative/neutral/positive text, no 
alternate background color (except for views). And it makes some fairly 
crude guesses, e.g. hover and focus colors are both copied from 
selection background (which admittedly was the role typically (mis)used 
for these in KDE3), and inactive text is 50% mix of normal text and 
normal background. The latter actually works pretty well in many cases, 
but the focus/hover is something of a loss of fidelity, and the rest is 
just a mess. Oh, and the tooltip colors are just copied from the view 

All of this => further manual tweaking is needed.

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