Is there a way to get a kde3 color scheme into kde4?

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> I have a kde3 color scheme I'm very happy with after having fine tuned
> it over the years.  Is there a way to get it into kde4?  The color
> scheme doesn't seem to make the trip.
> In general I like reasonably dark backgrounds, reasonably light text,
> and something with WAY more color than many of the washed out "Feeling
> rather gray today, aren't we?" schemes that seem to be the general and
> common defaults.  There's a few schemes that are "okay" on kdelook, but
> nothing matching the finely tuned over many years prefs I have on kde3,
> and I'd REALLY hate to have to hand retune it, so I need some way to get
> kde4 using kde3's color scheme.  Hopefully there is one, and I simply
> missed it.

Hmm, bug 161098[1] is related (but not exactly what I'm after) and has 
some background.

Apparently the color scheme storage method changed between versions.  
According to the bug, kde3 apps look in the [General] section of 
kdeglobals.  Where kde4 puts the info I'm not sure, tho I can probably 
find it (strace -eopen <app>|grep -v <noisypath> can be useful for 
that).  With luck, only the location changed, and the various settable 
components and format for the config remained the same.  If so, copying 
them over should be relatively easy.

[1]KDE3 programs don't inherit KDE4 colors

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