Is there a way to get a kde3 color scheme into kde4?

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Wed Jul 15 16:20:06 BST 2009

Duncan <1i5t5.duncan at> posted pan.2009. at,
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> Apparently the color scheme storage method changed between versions.
> According to the bug, kde3 apps look in the [General] section of
> kdeglobals.  Where kde4 puts the info I'm not sure, tho I can probably
> find it (strace -eopen <app>|grep -v <noisypath> can be useful for
> that). With luck, only the location changed, and the various settable
> components and format for the config remained the same.  If so, copying
> them over should be relatively easy.

After some strace/grepping a systemsettings session while changing a 
color back and forth, it appears kde4 still uses kdeglobals
(~/.kde*/share/config/kdeglobals, to be exact), as well as writing the 
information to gtkrc, Trolltech.conf, etc, if the option to apply to non-
kde apps is enabled.

But now it writes the settings to individual widget color sections, with 
separate active/inactive/disabled settings for each, instead of writing 
all the colors to the [General] section.

The color value data seems to be in the same format, comma separated 
decimal coded rgb (as in =255,0,255 for bright magenta), but the color 
value names don't really correlate as there's tons more for kde4.

So unless there's some sort of conversion app out there, it looks like 
it's all hand work regardless of whether it's editing the text file or 
using the GUI config.

Well... I guess on the bright side I can now run kcontrol and 
systemsettings both without either one screwing the other, since kde3 and 
kde4 are now set to use different config dirs, at least on Gentoo. =:^)  
So I can run them both at the same time, and use the settings in one to 
set the other, doing by hand what computers are /supposed/ to be good at, 
because apparently, no one wrote a conversion script or applet.

But maybe I just haven't looked hard enough for one yet.  If I'm lucky, 
kdelook or google (or someone on this list) will have a solution for me. 

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