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Bob Stia rnr at
Mon Jul 6 02:22:08 BST 2009

On Sunday 05 July 2009 15:37:51 Daniel D Jones wrote:
> I have Spamassasin running on my mail server rather than on my desktop box.
>  I therefore can't run the Anti-Spam Wizard on KMail, since it correctly
> fails to detect a spam filter as installed.  I have a mailbox configured on
> my server for spam.  Any mail sent to that mailbox is used to train
> Spamassasin.  Before upgrading to KDE 4, I had a button on my toolbar which
> activated a filter to forward missed spam back to the spam mailbox on my
> server.  This transferred over on the upgrade but there was some sort of
> warning message on the filter that it could not be edited or it would be
> lost.  I don't recall the exact message.
> I recently had a runaway process fill up my hard disk and KMail crashed
> because the hard drive was full.  I fixed that issue but had to reconfigure
> KMail from scratch and lost my Spam button.  I've been unable to find any
> info on the 'Net on how to recreate it.
> What I'd like is a button on my KMail toolbar that, when pressed, forwards
> the selected email to a specific email address and moves the email to the
> Spam folder.  Any help in configuring this would be greatly appreciated.
If you mean the little round button on the toolbar, go to Setting > Configure 
Toolbars find it in the left column and move it to the right column. Pick out 
where you want to send it in Settings >Filters

Bob S

Bob S
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