KMail and training SpamAssassin

Daniel D Jones ddjones at
Sun Jul 5 20:37:51 BST 2009

I have Spamassasin running on my mail server rather than on my desktop box.  I 
therefore can't run the Anti-Spam Wizard on KMail, since it correctly fails to 
detect a spam filter as installed.  I have a mailbox configured on my server for 
spam.  Any mail sent to that mailbox is used to train Spamassasin.  Before 
upgrading to KDE 4, I had a button on my toolbar which activated a filter to 
forward missed spam back to the spam mailbox on my server.  This transferred 
over on the upgrade but there was some sort of warning message on the filter 
that it could not be edited or it would be lost.  I don't recall the exact 

I recently had a runaway process fill up my hard disk and KMail crashed because 
the hard drive was full.  I fixed that issue but had to reconfigure KMail from 
scratch and lost my Spam button.  I've been unable to find any info on the 'Net 
on how to recreate it.

What I'd like is a button on my KMail toolbar that, when pressed, forwards the 
selected email to a specific email address and moves the email to the Spam 
folder.  Any help in configuring this would be greatly appreciated.

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