Getting Rid of HTML in My Messages in KMail

Hal Vaughan hal at
Sun Jan 18 17:12:55 GMT 2009

On Sunday 18 January 2009, Kishore wrote:
> On Sunday 18 Jan 2009 10:18:05 pm Hal Vaughan wrote:
> > Interesting -- this message came through before I have seen my
> > original posted to the list.
> >
> > On Sunday 18 January 2009, Kishore wrote:
> > > On Sunday 18 Jan 2009 9:40:24 pm Hal Vaughan wrote:
> > > > So how can I tell KMail to use text only and NOT any HTML in my
> > > > outgoing messages?
> > >
> > > AFAIK, the setting you choose in the composer window sticks. So
> > > if you send a mail using the inbuilt composer *ensuring* that the
> > > HTML option was turned off from the options menu. It should then
> > > be turned off by default the next time you compose a mail.
> > >
> > > At least, that is the way it is meant to be.
> >
> > I'm looking at the Settings window and have selected Composer. 
> > There are the following tabs across the top: General, Standard
> > Templates, Custom Templates, Subject, Charset, Headers,
> > Attachments.  I've checked through them all.  I *really* hope I'm
> > missing something obvious, but I don't see a single place that
> > specifies using HTML or text.
> Sorry. I may have miscommunicated. I *meant* the options menu of the
> composer window, not the composer options of kmail!

Okay, I found it.

> Say, when you choose to reply to this mail, it opens the composer
> window where you can edit your response. In that window, there would
> be a "Options" menu that lists a "Formatting (HTML)" option. Make
> sure that that option is unchecked.

I've made sure HTML is unchecked in this email.  I checked some replies 
I've written that haven't been sent out yet and even with that button 
unchecked, they're formatted with HTML.

Is there some way to specify this as no HTML permanently?  It seems 
there are a lot of settings KMail expects me to set or check every time 
I open the Composer window to write an email.  (I'm not trying to 
complain to you about it -- I appreciate the help, but it is a serious 
flaw in the UI.)

Thanks for the info!

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