Kaffeine DVD/CD Issues

Barry Premeaux bpx at basicisp.net
Thu Jan 15 01:55:12 GMT 2009

John wrote
> I think you should ask on the mandriva forum. It's fairly good but high end 
> knowledge can take a couple of days to appear.
> There were 2 versions of 2008.1 on mandriva for download early last year. One 
> came with more video and audio features etc than the other. There was also a 
> link in one of the user forums to sort out this sort of thing. This may not 
> be the official mandriva forum and is highly likely to make use of unofficial 
> repositories. Sorry can't help more than that. I ran it for a while under 
> virtual box early last year. You should be able to find the site listed on 
> the mandriva web site.
> A silly question but the audio cd output may only be taken from the digital 
> lead of the cd or it can be generated another way. Can't help you there but I 
> have had that problem on a couple of distro's and it was down to how the low 
> level audio was set up. Again the mandriva forum should be able to help. This 
> sort of thing can be very distro specific.
> John
I recently subscribed to their newbie list, but have yet to see any 
activity on it.  I'll give it a shot though.  In the mean time, I think 
I'll try it from a LiveCD from another distribution.  It would be 
interesting to see how it treats and audio CD in the other CDROM.


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