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Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Wed Feb 18 11:00:40 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 18 February 2009 10:34:34 Rick Miles wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have had a look at kde 4.2 today. In my case the official slackware
> packages now in /current/testing.
> I've spent some time getting the feel of it and am liking it more as I go
> but there are some niggling configuration issues I have yet to sort out.
You will find a wealth of information and help on :-)  
In particular, look at

> One can no longer create an icon on the desktop using rightclick create 
> link to application. How is it now done.
> I quite liked being able to put my mouse over an icon in konqueror and
> having a little popup tell me things like what type of video file/encoding
> it was, what type of audio it contained, etc. I have not figured out how to
> get this in dolphin. Is it possible?
Not sure about that.  I use the Information panel in dolphin.  More details at
> I have not found any way to set file associations except through configure
> konqueror. Is there another way?
Set these in SystemSettings, Advanced tab.

> It seems that somehow scribus has been set at the top or near the top as
> associated with every type of text file. It would take ages to delete it
> manually from every text file listing using configure konqueror. Are there
> any settings files related to this that I could just run through with awk
> or sed and delete all the scribus entries and if so where are they.
Can't help on scripting.  Isn't it enough to change association for the file 

> Finding the new way to do configuration is the most trying thing so far
> otherwise this will be enjoyable once I get used to it.
Most things that were in kcontrol are now in systemsettings.  A few of the old 
controls really only applied to one or two applications.  They have been moved 
to the application settings.

Sorry to reply so much in links, but there is so much more information on 
those links than I can put in an email.  HTH

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