Kmail : problem in checking Gmail with IMAP account type

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Tue Dec 29 14:32:22 GMT 2009

farhad hedayati posted on Tue, 29 Dec 2009 16:40:23 +0330 as excerpted:

> <br><br>---------------------<a
> href="">
> I disabled "include this folder when checking for new mail"
> and "Act on new/unread mail in this folder" in [Gmail]
> folder's properties (see the above link) and now I don't get the
> error anymore , but I think should would be another way for fixing this
> problem instead of completely preventing kmail from using the folder!
> :P<br> <br>thx again.<br>Farhad<br><br><div

Please don't post in HTML, and please don't top-post.  While HTML mail is 
considered extremely rude (due to the possible malware effects, it can be 
compared to blowing your nose in your hand and then offering to shake 
hands with someone, RUDE and GROSS!), top-posting is simply irritatingly 
rude, as it puts the reply before the context in which it is to be read 
and makes proper replying with context difficult.  Edit the quote to the 
context you are replying to, and reply inline, point by point, so ideally 
in an ordinary sized display window, no portion of quote is larger than 
the window, so reply is always visible.

As with Anne I don't do IMAP.  However, from what I've read of the 
protocol, what it basically does is synchronize folders between the local 
client and the remote server.  If you're using a gmail IMAP folder 
locally and have it set to sync with the IMAP server, it's going to 
expect that you have a gmail IMAP folder on the server as well.

Thus, if I'm not mistaken, you need to setup the same syncing folder 
structure both locally and on the server, or expect to get errors.  (Note 
that you should also be able to have separate folders that don't sync, 
but the ones set to sync with that IMAP server must exist on both the 
server and locally.)

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