Kmail : problem in checking Gmail with IMAP account type

Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Tue Dec 29 14:42:50 GMT 2009

On Tuesday 29 December 2009 14:32:22 Duncan wrote:
> As with Anne I don't do IMAP.  However, from what I've read of the 
> protocol, what it basically does is synchronize folders between the local 
> client and the remote server.  If you're using a gmail IMAP folder 
> locally and have it set to sync with the IMAP server, it's going to 
> expect that you have a gmail IMAP folder on the server as well.
I did assume that the settings for enabling IMAP on the gmail server had been 
checked, but certainly it's another place to look.

> Thus, if I'm not mistaken, you need to setup the same syncing folder 
> structure both locally and on the server, or expect to get errors.  (Note 
> that you should also be able to have separate folders that don't sync, 
> but the ones set to sync with that IMAP server must exist on both the 
> server and locally.)
Yes, I also suspect that the structure may be part of the problem.  My guess 
is that it's seeing '[GMail]' when it expects to find the user address.

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