Is there any way to run KDE3 applets in KDE4 widgets?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Thu Dec 24 21:19:25 GMT 2009

> I've not messed with it, just noted it was there.  Playing with it now,
> it looks like the plasmoid is a simplified version of the full
> kcharselect application, but while my character selection needs aren't
> particularly advanced, the full application does seem to have the
> functionality I'd expect, with the plasmoid a reasonably simplified
> version of it.

Thanks. Yes, the full application does meet my needs.

> You're talking about ksysguard and its kicker applet, right?  Depending
> on how much of kde3 you still have installed, and whether you have it
> configured to work correctly without killing kde4 when kde3 apps run, you
> should be able to run either the kde3 ksysguard itself, or kde3's kicker,
> panels configured to taste, on top of kde4.  I did that, sort of
> accidentally, when I was first experimenting with kde4.

I don't have any of KDE3 installed! I guess that means that I am out of luck.

Dotan Cohen
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