Is there any way to run KDE3 applets in KDE4 widgets?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Wed Dec 23 23:47:04 GMT 2009

Dotan Cohen posted on Thu, 24 Dec 2009 00:53:43 +0200 as excerpted:

>> kde 4.3.4 definitely has kcharselect, as I have it installed.  There's
>> a plasmoid for it as well.
> Can you define which unicode characters it will use? I don't see how
> this is possible, and googling leads me to believe that I'm not the only
> one who can't figure it out.

I've not messed with it, just noted it was there.  Playing with it now, 
it looks like the plasmoid is a simplified version of the full 
kcharselect application, but while my character selection needs aren't 
particularly advanced, the full application does seem to have the 
functionality I'd expect, with the plasmoid a reasonably simplified 
version of it.

FWIW, as I knew the beginning of the name, I launched the app with 
krunner, simply typing in the first few chars and selecting the app from 
what was listed, rather than fiddling with the menu.  That would seem to 
me to be about as efficient as the plasmoid, and the full app is more 
powerful, so that's what I'd do if I wasn't launching it often enough to 
assign it a dedicated hotkey.

>> system monitor is unfortunately a hopeless generic mess now, since
>> there's probably dozens of "system monitor"s, either included in kde as
>> it ships or on kdelook.
> If I can get the terrific one from KDE3 working, that is a better
> solution.

You're talking about ksysguard and its kicker applet, right?  Depending 
on how much of kde3 you still have installed, and whether you have it 
configured to work correctly without killing kde4 when kde3 apps run, you 
should be able to run either the kde3 ksysguard itself, or kde3's kicker, 
panels configured to taste, on top of kde4.  I did that, sort of 
accidentally, when I was first experimenting with kde4.

But I knew kde3's end in Gentoo was fast approaching, and didn't really 
want both of them installed if I could help it anyway, so once I got 
serious about kde4 and was making the unfortunately massive effort 
required to properly switch since so much of kde3's working functionality 
was (and some still is) broken in kde4, I eliminated kde3 and qt3 from my 
system as soon as I could reasonably do so, spending the necessary time 
to hack together my own or partially my own solutions as was required to 
replace the broken functionality.

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