Is there any way to run KDE3 applets in KDE4 widgets?

James Tyrer jrtyrer at
Thu Dec 24 07:38:27 GMT 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> kde 4.3.4 definitely has kcharselect, as I have it installed.  There's a
>> plasmoid for it as well.
> Can you define which unicode characters it will use? I don't see how
> this is possible, and googling leads me to believe that I'm not the
> only one who can't figure it out.
If you use the applet (NOT the widget) it will tell the Unicode values,
but you can not enter them like you could in KDE-3.  Remember that this
is the new improved (dumbed down and GNOMEified KDE).  Seriously, I use
the GNOME applet because it is better although it too lacks the feature
to select characters by entering their UTF-16 values.

It would be simple to add this feature as a menu and toolbar item.
IMHO, the widget could be improved to have two tabs like the GNOME
applet has so that it could also provide the information window.  I am
starting to think that having the coders do the designing is a bad idea.

James Tyrer

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