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Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Dec 24 00:09:57 GMT 2009

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spir wrote:
> Duncan  dixit:
>> Meanwhile, the precise color settings controlling the scrollbar are
>> window normal background, for the scrollbar background, and button normal
>> background, for the scroll button.
> Thank you, Duncan.
> Precisely, the scrollbar bg color I get does not appear anywhere in
> color sets definable in settings (I checked all several times). It's
> really not equal to "window normal background"; rather a variant of
> it with much more saturation, a slightly different hue, and also
> darker.

It is probably a 'dark' variation of window bg, at least it is in 
Oxygen. In Oxygen it should not be a different hue (or different 
saturation, for that matter). What widget style are you using?

Color shades (i.e. "darker" or "lighter" of a color) are not 
configurable. There would be quite some difficulties trying to achieve that.

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