Is there any way to run KDE3 applets in KDE4 widgets?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Wed Dec 23 22:53:43 GMT 2009

> kde 4.3.4 definitely has kcharselect, as I have it installed.  There's a
> plasmoid for it as well.

Can you define which unicode characters it will use? I don't see how
this is possible, and googling leads me to believe that I'm not the
only one who can't figure it out.

>  Keyboard status... isn't that part of the i18n/
> l10n stuff?

Might be. But it's something that I need and the KDE4 version is still
in Playground or some such place.

> system monitor is unfortunately a hopeless generic mess now, since
> there's probably dozens of "system monitor"s, either included in kde as
> it ships or on kdelook.

If I can get the terrific one from KDE3 working, that is a better solution.

Dotan Cohen
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