Is there any way to run KDE3 applets in KDE4 widgets?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Wed Dec 23 22:46:53 GMT 2009

Dotan Cohen posted on Thu, 24 Dec 2009 00:23:52 +0200 as excerpted:

> Is there any way to run KDE3 applets as well? Specifically missing in
> KDE4 are KCharSelect, Keyboard Status, and System Monitor. Thanks!

kde 4.3.4 definitely has kcharselect, as I have it installed.  There's a 
plasmoid for it as well.  Keyboard status... isn't that part of the i18n/
l10n stuff?  I don't have that installed as I don't need it (English-
only, unfortunately, at least to the level I'd type with it or try to 
read it), but I think I recall playing with it in kde3.

system monitor is unfortunately a hopeless generic mess now, since 
there's probably dozens of "system monitor"s, either included in kde as 
it ships or on kdelook.  If you're talking about "the application 
formerly known as kcontrol" and its kde3/kicker applet, the application 
still exists (as generic system monitor) but is, or was last I checked, 
incredibly buggy in terms of routine use (it saves its settings, then 
restores them, but promptly overwrites that saved config with its own as 
it apparently thinks it knows better), and there's no plasmoid for it.

As I've said elsewhere, grab yasp-scripted from kde-look, and reconfigure 
the scripts for your own use as necessary.  /That/ actually works, tho 
you'll likely need to be a bit sparing in what you monitor, as tens of 
bash scripts running once a second (or even every two or five seconds) 
isn't exactly the most efficient way to monitor system resources.  But it 
works reasonably well on this dual-dual-core with a whole bunch of stuff 
graphed, once I reduced most of it to every two seconds, at least, and a 
rather more modest set of graphs would work well enough on a dual-core or 
even single-core, if modest enough, without taking /too/ much CPU time.
(I guess I'll have a chance to test that out, shortly, as I just finished 
the image for my netbook.  All I have to do now is the work on the 
machine itself -- I built the image in a chroot on my big dual-dual-core 
amd64 machine.  For sure tho I don't have the screen real estate there to 
graph what I do on the big machine, even if I wanted to and the CPU would 
handle it, so it /has/ to be a more modest setup, there.)

Alternatively, do the superkaramba thing.  yasp-scripted is basically a 
simpler version of it, and was easier to wrap my head around while I was 
still trying to cope with all the other issues related to upgrading from 

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