How to let konqueror startup with last session?

James Tyrer jrtyrer at
Mon Dec 21 02:11:24 GMT 2009

Duncan wrote:
> spir posted on Fri, 18 Dec 2009 21:20:40 +0100 as excerpted:
>> Anne Wilson <cannewilson at> dixit:
>>> You can manually save a session with File > Sessions > Save As, then
>>> load that session next time you launch Konqueror.  Not quite a simple
>>> as automatically loading the tabs you were running last time, but it
>>> works quite well.  You can also overwrite sessions, so if you choose to
>>> save a session Browsing and another called WIP, you can save your
>>> changed sessions over the old ones for use later.
>> Right. Just to be sure (because I'm surprised of the absence of such a
>> common setting): Does this mean one cannot just close Konqueror and/or
>> switch the computer off, then later resume work where it stopped? (Most
>> apps I use work like that, including firefox*.) We really have to to
>> _explicitely_ save a session? As the feature exists, is there a reason
>> why it cannot be defined as a setting?
> If konqueror crashes, next time it starts it notes that it didn't close 
> correctly and asks if you want to resume that session.  Unfortunately I 
> don't believe it's possible to do that with closing it normally, but if 
> you issue a killall -9 konqueror (from a terminal window or krunner), it 
> causes the kernel to "kill it with extreme prejudice", IOW, without 
> letting it save its settings.  That should do it.  You could of course 
> setup a quick script with a menu entry or icon somewhere that you could 
> click, to do it for you, if desired.
It would appear that most of the code to implement this feature already 

James Tyrer

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