lost *all* settings; and more! Back move mystery.

spir denis.spir at free.fr
Sun Dec 13 12:10:09 GMT 2009

James Tyrer <jrtyrer at earthlink.net> dixit:

> spir wrote:
> > Zorael <zorael at gmail.com> dixit:
> > 
> >> The user *is* asked whether to move all files to the new directory,
> >> so in a sense it's only done as told. But I'd argue there should be
> >> a check to see if the entire home is being moved, as that would
> >> undo the setting to begin with and bork the user completely.
> > 
> > Obviously, that's what happened to me. It's at least a _very_ strange
> > decision. Now, what happens to previous settings and app data? When I
> > moved back all the stuff to my home dir, lost setting, & data weren't
> > restored.
> > 
> Probably a bit late to tell you this, but for future reference, you 
> can't restore stuff to the $HOME/.kde4 directory for a user while that 
> user is running.  It will screw things up.  You need to close that user 
> session and open a KDE session as root and do it there making sure that 
> you have ownership of the moved files set correctly.

Thank for the information ;-)

What I still don't understand is where my stuff is gone (settings & data). The setting of "path for Downloads" to /imports moved all my $HOME content there. OK. When I moved all this back to $HOME in one go, then files actually disappeared from /import. I had indeed a dialog to overwrite (probably because kde had to set dafault settings) and said 'yes', overwrite all, meaning my personal settings would replace default ones.
But I had no information that this overwriting was not possible --for the reason you express above. So, what I fear is that during move my data where as expected deleted from /import, but silently not copied into $HOME. Can someone confirm whether the reasoning, at least, holds? 

Also, not only kde's own settings where lost, also independant app settings & data (eg claws-mail settings and address book, which are not stored inside /.kde). Your information applies only to a part of the issue, if I understand correctly.
claws-mail has at once created a new /.claws_mail dir with defaults, just like kde. But where is the right one gone? Can it be really possible that the system silently refused to move it back to $HOME for any reason, but still deleted it from /import?
Note: my trash dir is nearly empty, nothing relevant there.


la vita e estrany

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