Why KDE4 is called KDE?

Istvan Gabor suseuser04 at freemail.hu
Mon Dec 7 20:30:08 GMT 2009

> I would like to ask KDE4 developers, on what >bases do they call KDE4 KDE.

>As a matter of fact... the name /did/ ?>officially change, recently.  While 
>before, KDE stood for K Desktop Environment, >now, KDE (the initials 



Thank you for your response.
I completely agree with you practically in everythig you mentioned, even if I have to reconsider some of my thoughts. Probably you're right when you are claiming that the problem lies in the premature announce of new KDE. I am a long time SUSE/openSUSE user and I had to face with official openSUSE relases with unstable KDE4 versions, where I could not do what I wanted. And it makes you frustrated when you claim about something but you are very agressively told off by KDE developers. Even to my OT the answers were: FUD and "pointless ranting". You were the only one so far who gave considerable arguments.

I answered Anne's reply and I would even consider switching to KDE4 if I could do the things I listed there.



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