Why KDE4 is called KDE?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Tue Dec 8 00:51:01 GMT 2009

Istvan Gabor posted on Mon, 07 Dec 2009 21:30:08 +0100 as excerpted:
> Duncan wrote
>> Istvan Gabor posted 
>>> I would like to ask KDE4 developers, on what bases do they call KDE4
>>> KDE.
>> As a matter of fact... the name /did/ officially change, recently.
>> While before, KDE stood for K Desktop Environment, now [it's KDE SC, 
>> KDE Software Compilation, KDE not standing for anything in particular]
> Duncan,
> Thank you for your response.
> I completely agree with you practically in everythig you mentioned, even
> if I have to reconsider some of my thoughts. Probably you're right when
> you are claiming that the problem lies in the premature announce of new
> KDE.

Just a slight detail issue there, because it's important to understand 
what I support and what I don't.  I'm 100% behind the free/libre and open 
source software community mantra, "Release early, Release often!".  Thus, 
I have absolutely no problem with and indeed strongly support the early 

So I don't believe the releases were premature, only that the versions 
and claims about the quality of said releases were, shall we say... 

But the (unfortunately ex post facto) announced name and focus change do 
go quite some way to addressing that.  Which is about all that can be 
done at this point... except that it doesn't address the "support gap" 
issue.  Unfortunately, in the real world, I don't expect there to /be/ a 
solution to that, except for time itself, once 4.5 or whatever has 
reasonably equivalent functionality.

> I am a long time SUSE/openSUSE user and I had to face with official
> openSUSE relases with unstable KDE4 versions, where I could not do what
> I wanted. And it makes you frustrated when you claim about something but
> you are very agressively told off by KDE developers. Even to my OT the
> answers were: FUD and "pointless ranting". You were the only one so far
> who gave considerable arguments.

Such responses are unfortunate, but common.  To the degree that your 
original post had no specifics, it could indeed be described as FUD.  
However, that's not the way to try to help people, which is the reason 
I'm here, at least, so I do try to avoid calling things such, at least 
right off.  Better to ask for specifics, and call it FUD only if the 
poster isn't forthcoming.

> I answered Anne's reply and I would even consider switching to KDE4 if I
> could do the things I listed there.

I was going to answer that point by point, but it seems Dotan got to it 
first (and better as I don't believe I'd have known about all those filed 
bugs, only a few).  But I'm going to go back and look as I think I might 
have something to add to a couple of them.  Hopefully of help...

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