Double-click consistency in KDE

Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Thu Aug 27 10:56:16 BST 2009

On Thursday 27 August 2009 10:35:01 Peter Lewis wrote:
> Following Duncan's advise I have logged in as a yet unused user and find
> that the folder navigation is with one click but to open a file requires
> the dreaded double-click.
> From this I can conclude that there is some legacy setting in my .kde
> directories. I have grepped for "double", "Double" and "click" but I can
> find no significant setting.
> Any help anyone?
FWIW I did a clean install, including formatting /home, so there are no legacy 
files here.

> > In passing - since KDE 4.3 the behaviour of folderviews has changed.
> > Previously, clicking on a directory opened konqueror.  Now I can hover
> > over a directory and it shows me the files inside.  I can open that file
> > for editing without having the intermediate step of opening a file
> > browser. Brilliant!
> Sounds great I will have to wait for the chance to use 4.3.

4.3 now has fixes for almost everything that people complained about.  It 
still is fairly resource hungry, though.  There are two issues.  Some video 
cards don't play nicely.  This laptop has a 4-year-old ATi video card, and 
desktop effects are better switched off.  Also some people have sound 
problems, while others have no problem at all.  Again, my experience on this 
laptop is that PulseAudio does not work, so it simply warns me of this when I 
log in and drops back to the default alsa settings.  I have sound in 
everything, just not the ability to received more than one sound stream at 
once.  I do still use kde3 on CentOS on my server, and it now feels to lack so 
many things that I've come to rely on ;-), but 4 does do many things 

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