K3b (extragear) cannot create audio CD from mp3 files: plugins have dissappeared

Steven P. Ulrick lists-kde at afolkey2.net
Wed Aug 26 22:12:05 BST 2009

Hello Everyone
I have been compiling & installing KDE from Branch 4.3 SVN for a few months now.  
I have also been taking the risk of compiling & installing a number of items 
from extragear & playground, k3b being among them.
K3B has been compiling perfectly for quite a while now.  I have been burning 
Data & Audio CD's from K3B (from MP3 files) with no problems at all.
Now, all of a sudden I have started getting this message:

Mp3 Audio Decoder plugin not found.
K3b could not load or find the Mp3 decoder plugin. This means that you will not 
be able to create Audio CDs from Mp3 files. Many Linux distributions do not 
include Mp3 support for legal reasons.
Solution: To enable Mp3 support, please install the MAD Mp3 decoding library as 
well as the K3b MAD Mp3 decoder plugin (the latter may already be installed but 
not functional due to the missing libmad). Some distributions allow installation 
of Mp3 support via an online update tool (e.g. SuSE's YOU).

"rpm -qa | grep mad" shows the following:
[root at localhost ~]# rpm -qa | grep mad

When I run "cmakekde" from extragear/multimedia/k3b, I get the following:
-- The following dependencies were found.                                    
   * Polkit-Qt - Needed for K3bSetup to acquire administrator privileges. 
Version >= 0.9.2 is required.
   * libDVDRead - Libdvdread provides a simple foundation for reading DVD video 
   * Taglib - Read and write tags in audio files                                                       
   * Samplerate - Audio sampling rate conversion.                                                                                                           
   * Musicbrainz - Provide information about the CD, about the artist or about 
related information                                                          
   * KCddb - KCddb is used to retrieve audio CD meta data from the internet.                                                                                
   * FFmpeg - Needed for the K3b FFmpeg decoder plugin which can decode 
virtually all audio types.                                                          
   * Flac - Needed for the Flac audio decoder plugin.                                                                                                       
   * Flac++ - Needed for the Flac audio decoder plugin.                                                                                                     
   * Mad mp3 - Needed for the mp3 audio decoder plugin.                                                                                                     
   * Muse - Needed for the Musepack audio decoder plugin                                                                                                    
   * Sndfile - Needed for the libsndfile audio decoder plugin.                                                                                              
   * Lame mp3 encoder - Needed for the lame mpf encoder encoder plugin.                                                                                     
   * Ogg Vorbis - Needed for the K3b Ogg Vorbis decoder and encoder plugins.

So, all of that was apparently located on our system.

In addition, if I do "cd /usr/local/kde4/lib/kde4/" and " ls *k3b*" the result 
is as follows:
[steve at localhost kde4]$ ls *k3b*
k3baudiometainforenamerplugin.so*  k3bflacdecoder.so*        k3bmpcdecoder.so*        
k3bwavedecoder.so*           kcm_k3bsetup.so*
k3baudioprojectcddbplugin.so*      k3blameencoder.so*        
k3boggvorbisdecoder.so*  kcm_k3bexternalencoder.so*
k3bexternalencoder.so*             k3blibsndfiledecoder.so*  
k3boggvorbisencoder.so*  kcm_k3blameencoder.so*
k3bffmpegdecoder.so*               k3bmaddecoder.so*         k3bsoxencoder.so*        

Please be reminded that this only became an issue within the last few days.  I 
have been burning Audio CD's from MP3's using k3b from extragear for a few 
months now, and then it just stopped working...

So, it APPEARS that I have what I need to build the appropriate plugins (k3b 
certainly used to find them somewhere), and it even looks like they have been 
compiled and installed successfully.  So the question arises, why has k3b 
started telling me that I do not have the "Mp3 Audio Decoder plugin"  The k3b 
from extragear certainly used to find that plugin somewhere on our system, and 
the k3b that Fedora 11 ships burns Audio CD's just fine from MP3 files.

So, does anyone have any idea what is going on here?

Don't know how relevant it is, but "rpm -qa | grep -i k3b" shows the following:
[steve at localhost kde4]$ rpm -qa | grep -i k3b

Also, here is a screenshot that show the empty "K3B Plugin Configuration" page, 
followed by the same page from the Fedora 11 version:

So any help that anyone can give me is greatly appreciated.

Steven P. Ulrick

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