Double-click consistency in KDE

Peter Lewis lewisp at
Thu Aug 27 10:35:01 BST 2009

On Thursday 27 Aug 2009 Anne Wilson sent:

> On Wednesday 26 August 2009 21:54:42 Paul Hartman wrote:
> > If you go into System Settings -> Keyboard and Mouse -> Mouse there
> > are settings to choose between one-click or two-click mode, and the
> > behavior of hover-selection etc when in one-click mode.
> >
> > Obviously any individual programs may behave however they like but I
> > hope at least KDE4 programs will be consistent.
> It should be that simple, but I have to agree with Peter.  I've used
> single- click for years, but often wondered why in konqueror or dolphin I
> have to double-click to open directories.  It's even more confusing now,
> because sometimes they open with single-click, and so far I haven't spotted
> the pattern.  I'll try to watch out over the next day or two and work out
> what's happening.

I think that you are right, a watching brief will be my course also.

Following Duncan's advise I have logged in as a yet unused user and find that 
the folder navigation is with one click but to open a file requires the 
dreaded double-click.
>From this I can conclude that there is some legacy setting in my .kde 
directories. I have grepped for "double", "Double" and "click" but I can find 
no significant setting.
Any help anyone?

> In passing - since KDE 4.3 the behaviour of folderviews has changed.
> Previously, clicking on a directory opened konqueror.  Now I can hover over
> a directory and it shows me the files inside.  I can open that file for
> editing without having the intermediate step of opening a file browser. 
> Brilliant!

Sounds great I will have to wait for the chance to use 4.3.

Kind regards,
Peter Lewis

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