Need help to link KDEprintfax with Kaddressbook.

Richard Dawson rcdawson at
Thu Aug 20 05:17:09 BST 2009

I had my fax modem working reasonably well in Mandriva 2008.1 with KDE 3.5  
Now trying to get it to work in Mandriva 2009.1 with KDE 4.2.

I used KDEprintfax with efax under 2008.1/3.5.  I have installed and set up 
KDEprintfax on 2009.1/4.2, and it seems to work except that I am not able to 
pick fax numbers from my kde address book, as I was with 2008.1/3.5. If I can 
get the address book working, and if it all plays as under 2008.1/3.5, I will 
be quite happy.

With 2009.1/4.2, when I click the KDEprintfax icon for adding names to the 
address book, a little window comes up where I should see a list of names, fax 
numbers, and boxes to check off those to whom I want to send a fax. That is 
what happened in 2008.1 with KDE 3.5. In 2009.1, with KDE 4.2, there are no 
names listed, although there are names in my address book that have fax 

Although the 2009.1/3.5 window has no names listed, it does have an option to 
"Edit Addressbook". If I click that option, the address book names come up in 
a new window.  If I then select a name and, instead of clicking it to edit, I 
click on the fax number in the editing preview screen, that number will be 
transferred to the KDEprintfax que of numbers to be faxed.

So what I really need is to get the addressbook "fully" recognized by 

I remember 2009.1 hype to the effect that addresses would be available for all 
programs, but when I installed (from powerpak DVD), neither the addressbook 
nor some replacement was present , even in Kontact, the most obvious place one 
would would expect to find it. I had some trepidation about installing 
Kaddressbook, since I thought there might be some new KDE approach to storing 
addresses. After all, Konquerer was replaced by Dolphin (Why?), so perhaps 
there was a new place or way to store addresses..

Failing to find any alternative, I installed Kaddressbook. It showed up in 
Kontact. I copied the files from /home/me/.kde/share/apps/kabc into the same 
2009.1 location. Most of my addressbook entries show up through 2009.1 
Kontact, and they still have fax numbers there.

How do I get KDEprintfax to list the address book entries that have fax 
numbers so they can be easily selected for sending?

It may be relevant that I transferred my address book data from 2008.1/3.5 to 
2009.1/4.2 by simply copying the files in the home/.kde/share/apps/kabc 
directory from one to the other.  Also, the Kaddressbook was not installed 
automatically when I installed Mandriva 2009.1.  I didn't find any other 
address book application, so I installed kaddressbook from the Mandriva 
repositories.  Once I did that, as I recall, it showed up in Kontact without 
further effort on my part.
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