Need help to link KDEprintfax with Kaddressbook.

Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Thu Aug 20 11:35:33 BST 2009

On Thursday 20 August 2009 05:17:09 Richard Dawson wrote:
> Failing to find any alternative, I installed Kaddressbook. It showed up in
> Kontact. I copied the files from /home/me/.kde/share/apps/kabc into the
> same 2009.1 location. Most of my addressbook entries show up through 2009.1
> Kontact, and they still have fax numbers there.
> How do I get KDEprintfax to list the address book entries that have fax
> numbers so they can be easily selected for sending?
Sorry, I don't know anything about printfax.

> It may be relevant that I transferred my address book data from 2008.1/3.5
> to 2009.1/4.2 by simply copying the files in the home/.kde/share/apps/kabc
> directory from one to the other.  Also, the Kaddressbook was not installed
> automatically when I installed Mandriva 2009.1.  I didn't find any other
> address book application, so I installed kaddressbook from the Mandriva
> repositories.  Once I did that, as I recall, it showed up in Kontact
> without further effort on my part.

I can confirm that when I installed Mandriva 2009.1 it didn't install the 
addressbook or korganizer.  I had to manually install both, together with 
other components for Kontact.

Copying your addressbook across as you did is no problem.  The applications 
are totally compatible.

The 'hype' you talked about would be about akonadi (see userbase, for more 
info).  Once that technology matures the storage database will be available to 
any application that wants to use it - but it's not there yet.

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