Run Command Dialog Locks Up

Tim Johnson tim at
Wed Aug 19 16:14:12 BST 2009

* Duncan <1i5t5.duncan at> [090818 23:36]:
> kubuntu 8.04 and 7.04.  Would those be kde3?  I'd expect at least 7.04 
> would be, but am not sure about 8.04.  
  8.04 is still kde3.

> AFAIK, kde3 didn't have a separate 
> run dialog executable, it was part of kdesktop.  Killing it will kill the 
> desktop, but kicker, that is, all the panels, etc, should still work.  
> Also, if you have a konsole window going, you should still be able to 
> type commands (such as kdesktop &, to restart it) into it.
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