Is there a way to get a kde3 color scheme into kde4?

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Wed Aug 5 17:48:03 BST 2009

Duncan wrote:
> Matthew Woehlke <...> posted:
>> Duncan wrote:
>>> But since the only two gtk2 apps I use are iceweasel/firefox, which has
>>> its own color scheme, and pan, for newsgroups and mailing lists like
>>> this one which I view thru gmane's list2news gateway, and I've used for
>>> years and am thus familiar enough with it not to need the tooltips for
>>> normal operation, for that same normal operation, I could simply ignore
>>> the unreadable tooltips as I didn't need them anyway.
>> Actually Thunderbird appears to totally ignore the tooltip colors and
>> use window colors for tooltips (or else that's how KDE4 exports them; I
>> didn't write the export code and don't claim to understand it one bit).
> I'd suspect thunderbird is like firefox in that regard -- it uses its own 
> color scheme, even if it is using gtk2 widgets.  FWIW, there are various 
> chrome (as in mozilla XML based UI, not as in browser) addons/extensions/
> whatever available, that change it, at least for firefox.  I'd assume 
> similar for thunderbird, tho I'm not sure if the same color scheme set 
> for one ends up applying to both, or not.  But firefox definitely does 
> use a scheme entirely separate from whatever kde (either version) 
> exports, and it sounds like thunderbird does too.

Hmm... not for me it doesn't... sort-of. What I've found is that if I go 
into system settings, tick 'apply to non-kde', hit apply/OK, and then 
launch Thunderbird/Firefox, it will use the system colors. If I then 
close tb/ff and re-open, it often comes up with the default (black on 
white/gray) color scheme. This is a *bug*, though I believe I've seen it 
affect gitk as well, so not sure if it is in moz or gtk. (Note: I am 
using the default UI themes in both ff and tb.)

It sounds like what you are seeing is ff/tb never uses the system color 
scheme, but they are definitely /supposed/ to do so when not using a UI 
theme that would override that.

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