Is there a way to get a kde3 color scheme into kde4?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Wed Aug 5 13:50:08 BST 2009

Matthew Woehlke <...> posted:
> Duncan wrote:

>> But since the only two gtk2 apps I use are iceweasel/firefox, which has
>> its own color scheme, and pan, for newsgroups and mailing lists like
>> this one which I view thru gmane's list2news gateway, and I've used for
>> years and am thus familiar enough with it not to need the tooltips for
>> normal operation, for that same normal operation, I could simply ignore
>> the unreadable tooltips as I didn't need them anyway.
> Actually Thunderbird appears to totally ignore the tooltip colors and
> use window colors for tooltips (or else that's how KDE4 exports them; I
> didn't write the export code and don't claim to understand it one bit).

I'd suspect thunderbird is like firefox in that regard -- it uses its own 
color scheme, even if it is using gtk2 widgets.  FWIW, there are various 
chrome (as in mozilla XML based UI, not as in browser) addons/extensions/
whatever available, that change it, at least for firefox.  I'd assume 
similar for thunderbird, tho I'm not sure if the same color scheme set 
for one ends up applying to both, or not.  But firefox definitely does 
use a scheme entirely separate from whatever kde (either version) 
exports, and it sounds like thunderbird does too.

>> OK, so I'm on kde4 now and have edited kde4 colors (and have it too set
>> to export colors to non-kde apps), why isn't pan using the kde4 colors
>> instead of the kde3 colors?
> That I don't know. Might want to ask on kde-devel; as said, I didn't
> write and don't understand how the non-KDE-export works. All the gtkrc
> stuff is beyond my area of knowledge :-).

That was a rhetorical question. =:^)  But perhaps after editing that 
wasn't as clear as I had intended (or maybe it was simply lost in 
verbosity, brevity is not my strong point as I'm sure you realize by now).

But I did go on to explain why... For various reasons I use a wrapper 
script that exports the kde3 gtk2rc path, so it uses that, not the kde4 
version.  I did try the kde4 exported one, but it had its own issues...

I found and fixed one of the larger of those issues yesterday. While I 
run two identical monitors, one connects via VGA/analog while the other 
connects digitally, via DVI.  Perhaps as a result of that, or maybe just 
because they're cheaper brand LCDs, with them both set the same, the 
colors on one don't match the other.  So shortly after I got them I 
adjusted them to match, but the result was that apparently the (hardware) 
gamma was way low.

So yesterday I got screwing around with kgamma. After calibrating to the 
best of my ability, the red and green channels ended up set to 1.25, 
while blue is running 1.65.  At the former X default 1.0 gamma, pretty 
much the entire darkest 10% was merged to indistinguishable black.  Since 
I prefer dark backgrounds and trim and run a scheme to that effect (with 
the kde4 scheme pretty much straight off of kde-look, not having the 
years of tweaking that I'd done to my kde3 scheme), there was far less 
contrast between widgets than there should have been.

That was one of the issues I was having to some extent with the kde4 
color scheme, but it was much worse as exported to gtk apps.  With the 
gamma fixed now, I can go back and try the kde4 exported gtk2rc again.  
Hopefully it works better now and I can dump the specific kde3 setting I 
had in the wrapper, for the kde4 version.

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