Is there a way to get a kde3 color scheme into kde4?

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Tue Aug 4 19:08:19 BST 2009

(Sorry for the delay...)

Duncan wrote:
> Specifically, kde3 -> gtk2rc exported colorscheme tooltip color issues.  
> For some reason (I concluded, possibly incorrectly, that it's qt3 
> hardcoded tooltip color for either foreground or background, IDR which), 
> kde3 only had one tooltip color setting, not both foreground and 
> background. 

I don't recall KDE3 had any setting for tooltip color...

/me checks

Nope, not one that is exposed in kcontrol at least. Qt might have one. I 
may even recall early Qt4 had only one of fg/bg, or used it wrongly, or 
something. At any rate I know I'd lobbied for fixing something here in 
Qt4 some time back.

> But since the only two gtk2 apps I use are iceweasel/firefox, which has 
> its own color scheme, and pan, for newsgroups and mailing lists like this 
> one which I view thru gmane's list2news gateway, and I've used for years 
> and am thus familiar enough with it not to need the tooltips for normal 
> operation, for that same normal operation, I could simply ignore the 
> unreadable tooltips as I didn't need them anyway.

Actually Thunderbird appears to totally ignore the tooltip colors and 
use window colors for tooltips (or else that's how KDE4 exports them; I 
didn't write the export code and don't claim to understand it one bit).

> OK, so I'm on kde4 now and have edited kde4 colors (and have it too set 
> to export colors to non-kde apps), why isn't pan using the kde4 colors 
> instead of the kde3 colors?

That I don't know. Might want to ask on kde-devel; as said, I didn't 
write and don't understand how the non-KDE-export works. All the gtkrc 
stuff is beyond my area of knowledge :-).

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