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Michael Neumeier <dennismail at> posted
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> Oh, all of the above are very interesting question, but I guess this
> will be quite a piece of work, because I then have to reinstall 8.04,
> get it working and then upgrade again. My question here is: Is this
> absolutely necessary? I mean, why does KDE 3 obvously recognize
> MidMouse, while KDE 4 doesn´t any more? If there is any good reason, let
> me know. If however it is not possible to find the cause, I will have to
> reinstall all. I just want to make sure that it is worth the work.

I honestly don't know, except that the hotkeys architecture changed and 
the multi-key bug I referenced says that simply doesn't work any more, so 
I'd guess mouse based hotkey triggers are similar.  The implication was 
that a support library doesn't support it any more.  I'm not sure whether 
the one they were talking about was qt4 or a kde-internal support library 
(presumably part of kdelibs) or something else third party, but whatever 
it is, the choice is apparently not at the khotkeys level any more as 
they're depending on something else that's not as flexible as kde3 was, 

That said, I've an intriguing hint at some thing changing for kde 4.3 
(which isn't quite released yet, and I've stayed on 4.2.4, the latest 
released version).  I run Gentoo, and getting ready for 4.3 in a couple 
days, they're making some changes to their kde-testing overlay (which 
I've activated), which had me in turn making a few changes when I synced 
today to keep everything in order.

In the process of making /my/ changes, in the kdebase sets list, I 
discovered a package called kglobalaccel.  Now at this point I really 
haven't a clue whether that's simply Gentoo/KDE splitting the kdebase 
packages up differently, or if it's KDE upstream rearranging existing 
code into new packages, or if it's actually a new kde component.

If I hadn't just really started using kde4 myself (I've had both it and 
kde3 installed for awhile, but kde4 was almost unusable until I spent a 
LOT of time reconfiguring it recently), I'd probably be running the 4.3-
rcs and would know what that is by now, but it's not worth bothering with 
the rcs at this point, given 4.3.0 is coming in a couple days, so I'll 
just wait the couple extra days and find out then what it is, I guess.

But I'll certainly be checking it out, hoping they got back some of the 
kde3 hotkeys functionality still missing in 4.2.4, that's for sure.

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