Problem with middle mouse button in KDE

Michael Neumeier dennismail at
Sun Aug 2 12:48:17 BST 2009

> That's what I'm saying, that the key binding buttons are keyboard, not
> mouse.  So Ctrl-F11 works as that's keyboard-only, but it won't map a
> mouse button.  (Unfortunately it also won't map say Esc,F11, or Ctrl-
> Esc,F11, tho it'll match simply Ctrl-Esc or as mentioned, Ctrl-F11.   
> IOW,
> it works with the mod keys, Ctrl, Alt, Meta, Shift, in combination  
> with
> another (single) non-mod keyboard key, but not with mouse buttons, and
> not with two non-mod keyboard keys.)

Ah okay... I should have carefully read: If it says "key binding" it  
means "key" of "keyboard", not of "mouse" :)

> If you had it working with Ctrl-MidMouse immediately after the  
> upgrade, I
> don't know what to say, unless perhaps it can read them out of the  
> config
> file and was doing so, but can't detect them or write them back  
> correctly.
> Which brings up an interesting question.  What happens if, without KDE
> running (so from a text console or from Gnome or anything else other  
> than
> KDE), you edit the appropriate config file itself (using whatever  
> non-kde
> text editor), set it to Ctrl-MidMouse or whatever, save it, then  
> restart
> KDE?  The only problem there is that it may be difficult or  
> impossible to
> figure out what notation it would use (MidMouse, MiddleClick,
> MiddleMouse, Mid-Mouse, mid-mouse, Mouse3, M3, MouseB3, Btn3...) if  
> it's
> not there, even if it would honor it if you could figure it out

Oh, all of the above are very interesting question, but I guess this  
will be quite a piece of work, because I then have to reinstall 8.04,  
get it working and then upgrade again. My question here is: Is this  
absolutely necessary? I mean, why does KDE 3 obvously recognize  
MidMouse, while KDE 4 doesn´t any more? If there is any good reason,  
let me know. If however it is not possible to find the cause, I will  
have to reinstall all. I just want to make sure that it is worth the  

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