How to associate icon with shell script?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Mon Apr 27 23:59:13 BST 2009

> You can create your own icons by creating a textfile and giving it a
> .desktop extension. That's all an icon is. Go to /usr/share/applications and
> have a look. Anyone of those files can be dragged into you ~/Desktop folder
> if you use that for desktop icons or else directly onto your desktop.
> The format of the .desktop file is fairly simple to follow I have made them
> for url as well as script icons and keep them in
> /usr/local/share/applications. Once you have created the file the "icon" can
> be used like any other icon, e.g. adding to Quicklaunch. Use anything for an
> icon. Here is what one of mine looks like.
> rick at rick:~$ cat /usr/local/share/applications/weather.desktop
> [Desktop Entry]
> Name=Weather
> Comment=Weather Forecast
> Exec=/usr/local/bin/
> Icon=/usr/local/share/icons/weather.png
> Terminal=0
> Type=Application
> Categories=Application;Network;

Thanks, Rick, that was quite what I needed!

Dotan Cohen
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