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Wed Apr 8 16:51:18 BST 2009

In <200904072208.01104.jsowden at>, John R. Sowden wrote:
>On Tuesday 07 April 2009 21:34:58 Boyd Stephen Smith Jr.
>>Perhaps you could post the output of 'locate
>>okular' and provide
>>more details about your MIME-type associations, including
>>where you are
>>viewing them.
>john at linux-q7ld:~> whereis locate
>john at linux-q7ld:~> whereis okular
>okular: /usr/bin/okular /usr/bin/X11/okular

So, you do have two copies?  Or, perhaps one of these are actually the same 

On my system they are the same file (/usr/bin/X11 is a symlink to '.'), so 
that's not the problem.

>mime type associations ...  uhhh
>I went to system settings (via the AltF2), then advanced then
>file associations, put pdf in the search box, opened the *.pdf
>response, and saw okular in the lower box.

Okay, that's the correct place for KDE associations.  It might not affect 
non-KDE applications though.

You say you see okular in the lower box.  I see 4 things in the lower box: 
"Okular", "GNU Image Manipulation Program", "KPDF/KDE3", and 
"KGhostView/KDE3".  If you see multiple applications listed, make sure 
"Okular" is the one on the top (the "most preferred" application).  You can 
use the "Move Up" button to increase the preference level of the selected 
application in that bottom box.

After making sure "Okular" is the most preferred application, make sure the 
desktop file is set up correctly.  Select "Okular", then activate the 
"Edit..." button.  A "Properties for okularApplication_pdf" dialog should 
appear.  In that dialog, on the "Application" tab, make sure the "Command" 
is set to 'okular %U %i -caption "%c"'.  That should make your settings 
mirror my own (which, as I mentioned, work).

If you made changes you want to keep, activate the "OK" button; otherwise, 
activate the "Cancel" button.  The "Properties for okularApplication_pdf" 
dialog should close.  You should be back in the "File Associations - System 
Settings" window.  If it is enabled, activate the "Apply" button and then 
close the window.  If you get a notice that this will only affect newly 
started applications, log out of your current session and then log back in.

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