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Rajko M. rmatov101 at
Wed Apr 8 09:03:07 BST 2009

On Wednesday 08 April 2009 01:04:06 am John R. Sowden wrote:
> I am runninf kde 4.1.3 and kmail 1.10.3

Current is 1.11.2. 
I would recommend you to update to 4.2.2 from links provided on:

They will be updated when 4.2 will be moved in another directory to 
make place for upcoming 4.3 that will go in current KDE Factory. 

If you have problem after that please come back. 
There is no much point to search trough bugzilla for the bugs for 
the release that almost nobody is using. 

Although I was doing that and right now I can see this one:
Which is duplicate of another one that tells the same in a 
complicated way. You can't live without Konqueror. 

> Firefox also could not open the pdf

Firefox is story for itself. 
It uses GTk settings that can point to GIMP, for instance. 
I'm not kidding, I got that as default because no other application 
was installed that can handle pdf, so I got to go in 
  Preferences > Applications 
then browse from my home directory to the /usr/bin/ , find Okular
and set it as preferred application. 

PS. this is KDE list, but bug about Firefox is here: 
If you have comments please use opensuse-kde at .

Regards, Rajko
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