[Fwd: Re: KDE 4.2.1 Apps Toolbar (Text frayed-out)]

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Tue Apr 7 00:35:16 BST 2009

Rajko M. wrote:
> On Monday 06 April 2009 03:45:10 am James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> ...
>> IIUC, you have tried TrueType fonts (e.g. Arial) and you had the same
>> result.  Nobody can reproduce your problem so the best that we can do is
>> guess.  The one thing that I might suggest is to try to determine if the
>> problem is that the fonts are too large by comparing them to the same
>> font in the same size in an editor.
>> I would also try this.  Open a Konsole and execute:
>> 	xrandr --dpi 100
>> and then open the application that you had a problem with (it won't
>> affect applications already opened) and see if it makes any difference.
> Hi James,
> I have forgotten to answer to Jay before, as I promissed in my email 
> commenting on his style (crossposting, summarizing emails from 2 ML and 
> posting answer to one, answering posts from one ML on the other, etc - in 
> short: lack of experience). 
> The problem is mix of style elements that obviously doesn't work together. 
> This is from his post to opensuse-kde at opensuse.org ML:
> ***********************
> Currently, I am using:
> Style = QtCurve
> Icons = Mist
> Window Decoration = Redmond
> Gtk Styles & Fonts:
> Gtk Style = Qt Curve
> Gtk Fonts = (Use another font - Adobe Helvetica 8)
> ***********************
> I could not find icons called Mist, 

That is a GNOME theme, however he might have that set only for GNOME apps.

> so I could not recreate his setup. 
> With all other elements set as in the list, there is no problems with text 
> under icons. 
I have to say that I can't figure it out either.  He says that he has 
used other styles and fonts, so that doesn't seem to be the problem 
since if it was a bug in a widget style using a different style would 
fix it.  I thought that there might be a bug in how bitmapped Helevetica 
was being handled but he says that he has tried one of more of his 
MS-Windows True Type fonts.

> I can't check in the source code in what order window elements are printed on 
> the screen, but from his problems I guess that text is first, then icons, so 
> they cover top portion of the text. I suspect as a possible problem that 
> icons don't have transparent background, but without set he is using I can't 
> check is it a case.   
Actually, it probably doesn't matter about the order since I think that 
the text is being written to a box that is too small for it.

I don't use text under icons, but I tried it with several DPI settings 
and they all worked correctly.


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