How to build kuickshow?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sun Sep 28 23:14:21 BST 2008

Jonathan Rawle wrote:
>> I'm not certain, but I suspect not, as I can't find anything recent
>> either. Some of the functionality is on ShowFoto, and Gwenview can do
>> everything Kuickshow did and more, I think, especially with kipi plugins,
>> although users
>> of KDE 4 still don't have the plugins.  Since you're running KDE 3.5 I
>> would think that Gwenview + kipi plugins is your best bet.
> Thanks, but the fact is I like Kuickshow! I like the way it works, single
> keypresses to instantly brighten or rotate the image, no clutter on the
> window, instant start-up, etc. I've tried the others and I do not like them
> as much. Choice is important. Otherwise we may as well say: why use KDE
> when Gnome can do everything it can, or why use Linux when Windows can do
> everything!
> If Kuickshow is going to be completely dropped from KDE, I'll be looking at
> making it into a stand-alone app I can always build against the current
> version of KDE. One only has to have a quick Google to find users of
> various distributions inquiring after Kuickshow following a reinstall. I'm
> not the only one who wants to continue using it!
No, I also use it too.  I find it especially useful to view pictures 
posted to the web that don't have the proper tonal range and contrast.

Since it would have to be not only ported to KDE-4 and Qt-4 but also 
ported to a new image library, there really isn't much there except the 

The thing is that the features are a function of using Imlib.  That is, 
these functions are not part of the application but rather part of the 
library that is used to display the images.  So, you could either use 
ImLib-2 or the KDE KImgLo plugin system (based on QImageIOPlugin) which 
would need those features added if they don't already exist.  I don't 
know because there is no documentation other than QImage which doesn't 
do these operations.  So, although, I do see a need for these features, 
it is either build an ImLib app, do considerable work on KDE, or use the 
Kolorpaint code (which would mean that it would have to be converted to 
a library).

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